Street Photography

street photography portugal photo

Experience Life with Street Photography

Those are some big photography genres like portrait photography, nature photography, and event photography and so on and so forth but another of the big ones is street photography. Street photography has almost no upfront real commercial value except for an artistic print of a genuine and stunning moment or one that can be stared at for a while by people. However, street photography doesn’t serve any major business related reason for professionals if you really think about it and the people that find some way to do this as a career are often doing it by selling prints or licensing images. If you are licensing these images though, that goes into advertising and photojournalism in most cases. So that’s when street photography legitimately stops being street photography and instead about having a different story to tell.

street photography portugal photo

Above by wedding photographer Dylan M Howell.

However what street photography can do very well is to expose people to new locations to go shoot and to interact with different kinds of people, teach people about lighting, geometry in a scene and to embrace the artistic side of photography rather than being fixated on pixels and other technicalities as such.

In recent years street photography has become increasingly social. Perhaps the most famous of them is the “Humans of New York” series where the photographer goes around town asking various people various questions and trying to highlight something extraordinary or relatable among all of us. This kind of idea has been met with huge success evident at least in all the offshoots of the original idea that has cropped up. It mixes street photography with very casual kinds of journalism and storytelling. Beyond the skills of a photographer, it requires one to be skilled in the ever important art of small talk and to be emotionally open enough to get strangers to give you memorable pieces of their life.

To end this, firstly shoot what interests you, and if it happens to be on the streets and in-public so be it. Instead of thinking if a photograph is a street photograph or not just thinks f the photograph is a good photograph or not. Try not to worry too much about the gear, focal length, and technical settings. To quote Winogrand “There is no way a photograph should look”. Focus on the message or critique or the commentary you are trying to replay through your images instead of the aesthetics of the image itself. Get yourself to look through as many photography books and works of others as humanly possible. We always gain inspiration from others as it will helps us further understand the world around us and figure out our own style. There is very little that might be classifies as truly an original idea anymore. Rather, it is all a mix and match of different thoughts along with a few different nuances. But in the end one must realize that it is the fine differences that make a person’s photography and the message it tries to relay unique.