Wedding Cakes

Wedding preparation – selection of right cake

The reception is well addressed by managing the right kind of cake. There will be great fun and excitement during the cake cutting ceremony. The photographer should be able to capture precious minutes in the best possible way so that you can make the most of your time, effort and money. There are various decorative elements involved in the wedding cake. The order should be placed many weeks before the wedding so that the baker will be able to prepare the best cake as per your needs. In addition to decorative elements, the cake contains nutritious element as well so that you can make the most of your investment.

Best cake cutting ceremony

The cake cutting ceremony should be very much exciting in the entire wedding reception. You can place the cake at a prominent location so that there will be great view. If possible, you can arrange a 360 degree view as well so that guests will be able to watch it without any issues.

Guests would like to take the prime seating positions so that they will be able to watch the cake cutting without any inconvenience. The lighting arrangement should be done properly near the cake so that high quality snaps can be captured in an effortless manner. It is not only the image, but also the video should be captured in the best possible way so that you will have great memories.

The cake should be placed in a well-decorated place at the reception. You should be aware of the background as well so that images will be very impressive.

Cake styles

There are different styles of cakes which should be selected as per your budget, style, season and taste. You should be aware of cake and icing styles so that the most appropriate cake can be ordered as per your needs and it should be preserved until the cake cutting ceremony.

Traditionally, cakes are presented in tiers. You can find elaborate decoration of white cake with butter cream. As traditions are replaced by modern designs, you can choose a cake as per your style. There are sizes, shapes, colors and flavors which can be decided by you. You can go through the online shopping options as well so that wide range of designs can be accessed and you can order the best cake without any difficulty.

You can contact the cake vendors so that you will come across various kinds of designs and styles. After going through the catalogue, you can decide the best cake that can fulfill your needs. The best cake can be handled very easily and you will be able to satisfy the demands of guests in a very efficient manner.

The cake tiers can be displayed by using the accessories provided by vendors. You can also purchase various kinds of mounting systems so that there will be great clarity and visual display. It is possible to decorate each layer with beautiful flowers. Each layer comes with a different flavor. Bakers will follow your instructions and cakes of varied tastes will be prepared in a very efficient manner.

Icing and shaping

You can choose the right icing as per the settings. The cake experts will help you in this direction. If you go through the reviews, it is possible to choose the most appropriate icing type so that you will entertain your guests in a very efficient way. Some types should go through refrigeration so that the taste will be preserved. A professional baker will ensure that your taste is fulfilled after having a detailed consultation.

You can define a shape and style for each layer of your cake. There are round, square, oval and many other popular shapes. Round shapes are traditional. It is possible to order a unique shape and the baker will certainly fulfill your needs in a very efficient way. It is possible to prepare a cake similar to a living object such as tree, plant, flower or fruit as per your imagination. The decoration can be accomplished with colored ribbons as well. If you are aware of cake traditions, the most appropriate type of design can be selected to celebrate the cake ceremony in high spirits. You can visit several bakers to learn about styles and the best style can be picked up.

Street Photography

street photography portugal photo

Experience Life with Street Photography

Those are some big photography genres like portrait photography, nature photography, and event photography and so on and so forth but another of the big ones is street photography. Street photography has almost no upfront real commercial value except for an artistic print of a genuine and stunning moment or one that can be stared at for a while by people. However, street photography doesn’t serve any major business related reason for professionals if you really think about it and the people that find some way to do this as a career are often doing it by selling prints or licensing images. If you are licensing these images though, that goes into advertising and photojournalism in most cases. So that’s when street photography legitimately stops being street photography and instead about having a different story to tell.

street photography portugal photo

Above by wedding photographer Dylan M Howell.

However what street photography can do very well is to expose people to new locations to go shoot and to interact with different kinds of people, teach people about lighting, geometry in a scene and to embrace the artistic side of photography rather than being fixated on pixels and other technicalities as such.

In recent years street photography has become increasingly social. Perhaps the most famous of them is the “Humans of New York” series where the photographer goes around town asking various people various questions and trying to highlight something extraordinary or relatable among all of us. This kind of idea has been met with huge success evident at least in all the offshoots of the original idea that has cropped up. It mixes street photography with very casual kinds of journalism and storytelling. Beyond the skills of a photographer, it requires one to be skilled in the ever important art of small talk and to be emotionally open enough to get strangers to give you memorable pieces of their life.

To end this, firstly shoot what interests you, and if it happens to be on the streets and in-public so be it. Instead of thinking if a photograph is a street photograph or not just thinks f the photograph is a good photograph or not. Try not to worry too much about the gear, focal length, and technical settings. To quote Winogrand “There is no way a photograph should look”. Focus on the message or critique or the commentary you are trying to replay through your images instead of the aesthetics of the image itself. Get yourself to look through as many photography books and works of others as humanly possible. We always gain inspiration from others as it will helps us further understand the world around us and figure out our own style. There is very little that might be classifies as truly an original idea anymore. Rather, it is all a mix and match of different thoughts along with a few different nuances. But in the end one must realize that it is the fine differences that make a person’s photography and the message it tries to relay unique.

What is the Rule of Thirds

Digital cameras have taken the main role in the photography in these modern times. The focus is on the technical characteristics of the photography, which means that the artistic sides of the photography are often overlooked. If you have purchased a modern digital camera and your pictures look more like snapshots, then it is good time for you to look at the photo subjects differently and think of the composition. A nice place for you to start is the so-called Rule of Thirds.

So what exactly is this Rule of Thirds? This rule is a kind of a guide for you to understand and structure your composition better in a way in which it will visually please your eye. As soon as you start gaining more experience with photography you will be able to decide yourself when to use the Rule of Thirds and when not to use it. In any case, before you can start doing that you have to fully understand it how it works.

A good thing to do is to make a sketch in order for everything to get a clearer picture. Just draw a rectangular object in which you will draw two horizontal lines – one on one third off the bottom and another one third from the top. Then draw two vertical lines – one third from the right and one third from the left. By drawing all these lines you will divide your rectangle into nine sections. The Rule of Thirds means that those lines that divide the photo into thirds are the best and most effective spots for positioning objects for your photo. For example, vertical objects like lamps, chairs or trees should be positioned near the lines that are close to the one third of the right or left of the picture, while horizon should be placed near the line that is close to the one third of the top of the picture. It may sound a bit confusing, but it is really simple if you draw a sketch and see it.

rule of thirds photo

Best Points in the Photo Composition

According to the Rule of Thirds, the most powerful and the best points in the photo composition are those places where the lines are intersecting. So if the horizon is in the top third of the picture frame, then a tree, lamp or a house would be best positioned in the one third from the right or left, at the exact point where the vertical and horizontal lines are intersecting. If you have placed a tree or lamp along the vertical lines, then a bird sitting on the top of the tree would be best placed in the position where the horizontal line intersects the one third from the top of the frame. This may look like too structured and well positioned for the outside world, and it usually is. The outside world is not so structured and packaged according to our needs. You should not expect all of the things in your photographs to be structured and positioned in accordance with the Rule of Thirds. However, if you use this as a guide, you can start creating structures in your photos.

The Rule of Thirds is efficient and it works because it satisfies our visual senses for proportion. That way the photographs have more balanced and pleasant look. Many experienced photographers have a strong sense of balance. They are making photos in accordance with the Rule of Thirds without even realizing. They take pictures that feel and look right to them just by unconsciously applying the Rule of Thirds. Those photographers that are just starting with photography and struggle with composition would benefit a lot from this basic guideline for the Rule of Thirds. As the time passes and you gain more experience, you will develop the skill of noticing the ‘feel and look’ for composition.

Interestingly, some photographs are made better and more effective by purposely neglecting the Rule of Thirds. The viewer`s attention can be focused on a certain feature by placing it where he or she would normally expect to see the object. If this is done correctly, the photo impact can be boosted by breaking the natural feel of visual balance. This can also be seen through a simple example. For example, a photo depicting a sunset is usually mostly about the sky. A good photographer can boost the impact of the sky just by lowering down the horizon below the normal levels for the horizon. That will result into a sky that dominates the ground and that has a strong appearance in the photo. There are numerous other examples of amazing photos that were taken by not paying attention to the Rule of Thirds. The main thing is for you to make them amazing by knowingly using the Rule of Thirds, so your photos would be more effective.